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Strategic Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation is a vital component of investment management that focuses on defining a long-term asset mix to achieve specific investment goals. At Herbert Capital Management, we specialize in identifying sectors within equity markets that have the potential to outperform. Our innovative approach combines strategic sector rotation and sophisticated option strategies to outperform the market while minimizing the risks associated with market downturns.


Our approach

Our clients benefit from our ability to identify and capitalize on profitable opportunities across multiple sectors. We provide monthly statements by email or via our online portal accessible 24/7, ensuring full transparency and constant monitoring of investments. Our service fee is set at 2% of assets under management, with possible discounts for substantial investment amounts. We have partnered with TD Ameritrade for asset custody, guaranteeing the highest standards of security and trust.

Main Investment Strategies

Rates: We -focus on interest rate swaps, sovereign bonds and inflation-related investments, offering exposure to fixed income markets and protection against market volatility.

Currencies: Our expertise extends to currency markets, allowing clients to benefit from currency movements and diversification.

Emerging markets: We see significant growth potential in emerging markets, where increasing economic development presents unique investment opportunities.

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