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Late Stage Venture Capital

Late-stage venture capital investments involve financing more established companies that are approaching a major liquidity event, such as an IPO or acquisition. These investments are crucial in the growth phase of companies, offering higher potential returns due to the reduced risk compared to early-stage investments. At Herbert Capital Management, we focus on these investments to offer our clients opportunities in venture-backed private technology companies.

Our Approach

In collaboration with Manhattan Venture Partners (MVP), a distinguished advisory and investment firm, we offer our clients a unique advantage in late-stage venture capital investments. MVP is known for its significant role in transforming private technology companies backed by venture capital into more institutionalized investment opportunities. This partnership allows us to take our clients into a space traditionally reserved for institutional investors.

Main Investment Strategies

Leveraging the experience of Manhattan Venture Partners (MVP): Using MVP's insights and experience in the secondary market to guide our investment strategies.

Focus on high-potential ventures: Target venture-backed technology companies at their most advanced stages of growth for investment opportunities.

Balanced risk-return profile: Offering access to investments that provide a harmonious balance between risk and potential returns.

Capitalizing on MVP's role in the market: Leveraging MVP's pioneering position in the market to present unique investment opportunities in late-stage ventures.

Exclusive access to high-value investments: Offering clients exclusive opportunities in the evolving technology sector, backed by MVP's experience and market reputation.

Our Portfolio

63e3ec55dd97cc151745d286_Portfolio Companies 08.png
63e3ec55dd97cc3eee45d285_Portfolio Companies 13.png
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64b6c223ef5c203f39501249_HawkEye 360 Logo.png
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63e3ec55dd97cc2bdc45d26a_Portfolio Companies 15.png
63e3ec55dd97cc084545d28f_Portfolio Companies 17 .png
63e3ec55dd97ccfb7045d299_Portfolio Companies 03.png
63e3ec55dd97cc06b845d1bb_Portfolio Companies 02.png
63e3ec55dd97cc2d4245d297_Portfolio Companies 11.png
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63e3ec55dd97cc840945d281_Exited Companies 07 .png
63e3ec55dd97cc992145d234_Exited Companies 16.png
63e3ec55dd97cc45f045d29b_Exited Companies 05.png
63e3ec55dd97ccc55145d296_Exited Companies 17 .png
63e3ec55dd97cc276345d16f_Exited Companies 02.png
63e3ec55dd97cc6a6445d258_Portfolio Companies 06.png
63e3ec55dd97cc22a745d181_Exited Companies 06 .png
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