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Fix Income

At Herbert Capital Management, our Fixed Income service focuses on bonds including corporate, municipal, and treasury, with special consideration of client tax brackets. This approach ensures our investments in fixed income are aligned with clients' unique financial situations. We are committed to offering safe and reliable investment opportunities, navigating the complexities of the current financial landscape to provide stability and predictability in our clients' portfolios. Our strategy is tailored to ensure optimal investment choices in line with individual needs and financial goals.


Our approach

At Herbert Capital Management, our fixed income strategy focuses exclusively on a select range of bonds, including corporate, municipal, and treasury bonds, with a keen emphasis on aligning with our clients' tax brackets. This tailored approach ensures we offer investment solutions that are both secure and financially advantageous for our clients. By investing in reputable entities and focusing on capital preservation alongside attractive interest payments, we aim to provide a reliable financial haven. Our commitment is to empower clients to reach their financial goals with confidence, backed by our expertise in managing these specific bond types.

Main Investment Strategies

Fundamental long/short: A refined approach to balancing long positions in undervalued securities and short positions in overvalued ones for optimal market advantage.

Event-driven: Specializing in leveraging significant corporate events, such as mergers and acquisitions, for strategic investment opportunities.

Equity capital markets: Actively engaging in equity offerings, tactically aligned with prevailing and forecasted market trends.

Volatility: Strategically utilizing market volatility as a distinct asset class to drive profitability.

Sector-focused investments: Comprehensive diversification across key sectors, including but not limited to Consumer, Energy, Financials, Healthcare, Industrials & Materials, Natural Resources, and Technology, Media & Telecom.

Risk arbitrage: Expertly targeting and capitalizing on price inefficiencies specifically in merger and acquisition scenarios.

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