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Simple, accessible micromobility for all

Lime is revolutionizing micro mobility and empowering a new urban lifestyle. The mobile app lets riders easily find and unlock our fleet of shared smart bikes and scooters, providing them with a fun, efficient and sustainable way to move around the city. By partnering with local communities, Lime is working to not only improve transportation, but cultivate a culture centered around active, healthy and sustainable urban living. Lime is based in San Francisco, CA, and is funded by leading VC firms including Google Ventures, Fifth Wall and Andreessen Horowitz.

While competitors struggle, Lime continues to assert itself as a leading provider of micro-mobility solutions with 115M rides in 250 cities across 5 continents this past year. Its Gen4 e-bikes and e-scooters, equipped with swappable batteries and improved motors, significantly improve efficiency and unit economics–positioning the company well to build upon its market lead.

2022 Company Highlight‍

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