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Epic Games

Empower game and content developers to build visually stunning creations

Developer of gaming software and applications designed for gamers and game developers to publish and play immersive games. The company specializes in developing games, and engine technology and operates a game store that empowers others to make quality games and 3D content, providing game developers the ability to build high-fidelity, interactive experiences for PC, console, mobile, and virtual reality devices

Epic Games has made strong progress toward building its metaverse in 2022. As part of a $2B funding round in April, Epic is collaborating with LEGO to build a kid-friendly metaverse in a bid to appeal to younger demographics and is partnering with various artists and media companies to create virtual music experiences to broaden the scope of metaverse activities. Epic has significantly bolstered its developer toolset by releasing the newest iteration of the Unreal Engine 5, launching the RealityScan 3D scanning app, and is preparing for the release of the next generation suite of in-game tools in Fortnite Creative to empower developers of all types.

2022 Company Highlight

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