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At Herbert Capital Management, our expertise spans fixed income, strategic asset allocation, and late-stage venture capital investments. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to providing personalized financial solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We are committed to delivering a high level of expertise and tailored strategies to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Welcome to Herbert Capital Management

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Our Approach

At Herbert Capital Management, we recognize the significance of long-term growth and stability in financial planning. We provide our clients with a range of venture capital investment opportunities. Our approach is geared towards enabling our clients to capitalize on these opportunities, which is a reflection of our commitment to their financial empowerment and growth. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex landscape of financial investments, ensuring a path towards strategic financial success.

Building Trust with Herbert Capital Management

The trust our clients place in us is built on several key pillars:

  1.  Renowned Expertise: Our team, comprising industry-leading professionals, offers unparalleled guidance in finance and investment.

  2. Customized Financial Planning: We excel in devising bespoke investment strategies, meticulously aligned with each client's unique financial aspirations, focusing on sustainable growth and stability.

  3. Aligned with Your Ambitions: Our primary commitment lies in syncing our strategies with your goals, dedicating ourselves to your financial prosperity.

  4. Unlocking Investment Opportunities: We're committed to broadening access to high-value investments, creating pathways for our clients to explore a wider range of financial possibilities.

Our Services

Sanford Prager

Economist/Market Specialist

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Sanford is an accomplished financial strategist with a distinguished career spanning over two decades in the investment and capital management industry. Serving as the Investment Fund Director and Senior Market Strategist at Allegiance Capital Management Group in Morristown, New Jersey, Sanford orchestrated the successful initiation and management of a robust Investment Fund. His leadership encompassed navigating intricate legal, regulatory, and accounting landscapes, while also excelling in client relationship management and the recruitment of high-net-worth investors. Sanford's extensive expertise in technical analysis played a crucial role in refining external order procedures and guiding the fund's diverse trading activities, encompassing Equity, Fixed Income, Euro Dollar, Bond Futures, and Options. During his tenure as an Institutional International Sales/Money Market Broker at Noonan, Astley & Pearce, Inc. in Jersey City, New Jersey, Sanford played a transformative role in establishing and expanding a dynamic Certificate of Deposit and Commercial Paper Desk. This endeavor led to an impressive growth of 500 billion dollars in annual transactions. Sanford's adept facilitation of substantial deals involving major money center banks and international corporations showcased his proficiency in Euro dollars, Federal Funds, CDs, and Bankers Acceptances. His comprehensive understanding of foreign currency arbitrage, coupled with strategic advisory skills, enabled him to broker intricate transactions through Currency Deposits and Forward Markets, solidifying his reputation as a distinguished financial professional and visionary strategist.

Baltazar Moreno

Managing Partner


Baltazar is a professional specializing in investment analysis, private equity, venture capital, derivatives, foreign exchange, and financial asset management. His experience in identifying investment opportunities and conducting thorough due diligence, Baltazar excels in optimizing returns through strategic portfolio management. He designs options strategies to reduce the risk and enhance the return, achieving effective risk management and cash flow generation. Baltazar holds a Master of Business Administration with a Finance Concentration from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, a graduate degree in Civil Industrial Engineering, a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Sciences, and a Series 65 License.

Tania Herbert



Raised in a small village in the Andes Mountains of Perú, Tania immigrated to the United States without a penny. Over the past 18 years, she has developed a successful finance and insurance practice. She graduated with a master’s degree in Finance from Azusa Pacific University, then founded Herbert Financial Group to consult businesses in the areas of tax strategy, financial planning, business coaching, insurance needs, and asset protection. In October 2017, Tania was nominated as a prominent character in the Los Angeles Hispanic Community by the organization ACUDE. Tania contributes to several non-profit organizations, including “Lending Hope” where she sits on the Board of Directors. Tania continually supports and sponsors different organizations that help highlight diversity, culture and most importantly to underserved children in developing countries. Sharing her personal plight, Tania authored and released the book “Success without Borders” in June 2017. Today, Herbert Financial Group is experiencing rapid growth by honoring their mission of “Empowering Business Owners”. Tania’s vision and drive stem from her personal and professional passions for helping business owners thrive, especially in the Hispanic Community.

Cooper Hathaway

Data Scientist

Matheus Teixeira

Intern Digital Marketing


Data Science Immersive graduate with over 4 years of experience in data analysis, project work, and a strong background in operations and implementation. Proficient in Python, SQL, Tableau, and advanced data analytics. Demonstrated ability to apply data analysis techniques to drive growth, optimize strategies, and enhance decision-making in fast-paced environments. Enthusiastic learner with a keen interest in financial data analysis and machine learning

Matheus is a skilled marketing professional with a comprehensive educational background, including a degree from Anhembi Morumbi University and advanced specializations in Digital Marketing and Influence Marketing. His career trajectory spans significant roles in prominent communication groups such as INDEX, Favela Digital, and Oceane. Currently enhancing his expertise at UCLA, Matheus is adept at orchestrating online marketing strategies and influencer collaborations. His approach is characterized by a blend of analytical prowess and creative execution, ensuring measurable success in digital campaigns. Matheus is recognized for his adaptability, effective communication skills, and commitment to staying at the forefront of marketing trends, making him a dynamic and influential figure in the field.

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